The only solid wood CD case in the world.

All our cases are made in the

UK using ethically-sourced wood.

Each case is produced to your

specific requirements and design.

We work with the music industry

and understand musicians.

Every case is hand-finished and tested for faults.

Like a fingerprint, the grain of

the wood makes every case unique.


a versatile light, softwood. Its patterned grain, distinct colour and low cost make it a good choice for more rustic applications. Being a soft wood, it will warp a little and doesn't engrave very well. However, ink stamping is an alternative.

is a light coloured hardwood. It has a prominent grain that often has unique blemishes. One of the least expensive hardwoods, ash engraves well and is not so susceptible to warping as softer woods.

is a dense, light coloured hardwood. It is has a tight straight grain and is very tough and stiff meaning only minute warping occurs. It machines, engraves and finishes very well indeed. Understandably, it is the most expensive of the three woods.

Want to use a different wood?

Contact us to enquire about the other options available

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Art Work

Router Engraving

Router engraving produces crisp, clean cuts. The process achieves a more permanent design look, because engraving actually mills out the wood itself. Router engraving is best suited to simple artwork or logos, rather than the intricate possibilities afforded by laser etching.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is a non-contact technique that involves "burning" the artwork directly into the wood. At low power levels, it can produce a fine and light finish. Whereas higher power levels will give a darker effect. Hardwoods tend to laser much cleaner than soft woods.


Important Note

We are currently only accepting orders with a quantity of 50+ cases. However we will accept smaller runs that require more bespoke service. Please contact us to enquire about this.


I’m making a mix for my boyfriend/girlfriend/local MP and using a plastic case is going to reveal my true inner cheapskate. Will I ever be able to purchase individual wood cases?


Yes. We are currently building up stock, so enter your email address below and we’ll give you a shout when this becomes available.

How to Order


Choose the wood for your cases

If you are not familiar with types of woods and their properties, then we are happy to do the choosing. We've tested loads and can advise on the best options available. Alternatively, pick one of the options above, or feel free to suggest your own alternative.


Decide on the artwork (if any)

If you are a band or musician, you probably already have some album artwork in mind. In which case please consider:

  • Some woods are better at holding engravings, so we will have to check your artwork and wood choice at the start. If not compatible, we will happily provide a solution.
  • Final artwork must be supplied to us in vector formats, preferably .DFX or .AI. Otherwise, high resolution JPG or BMP (300dpi +) scans in black and white will be accepted, but tidying and processing to vector will incur an additional fee.

Decide on the quantity you want

We currently only accept orders of 50+ cases. However a service of individual cases will be available soon. Please see notes opposite.


Contact us with the details of your order

Once we've received the details of your order, we will be able to send you back a quote for the job and turn around time.


WoodCase is a collaboration between two friends, Ben Tindale and Alaric King.

Ben Tindale has over 20 years experience designing and building almost everything from experimental aircraft to posture-correcting furniture. With an international client base, Ben has designed bespoke sound systems for Nokia, built large scale film sets and manufactured sports equipment for the Australian market.


Alaric King is a multidisciplinary designer who specialises in digital based design; from online applications through to motion graphics. Heavily involved in the folk music circuits of London and alternative music of the south of England, this project was born somewhat out of peer pressure from his many musical friends. WoodCase is a project built upon one of his first entries into the world of product design.


The Process

1.Being incompetent with a pencil, we scribble a few shoddy sketches on the back of an old piece of cardboard to get the juices flowing.

2.Once we have a rough design in mind, we begin modelling the case in a series of CAD and CNC machining programs.

3.We CNC the base and lids of the cases out of the same piece of ethically-sourced hardwood. Commonly known as "the fun part".

4.A spot of careful hand finishing and the case is ready for a CD.


General Enquiries

Want more information about our wood cases, or any additional services we can provide? Please use the address below:


If you want to place an order, please make sure you have read the order section first. Then simply email us on the address below, with the following:

  • Your choice of wood (or a suggestion of your own)
  • An example of the artwork you want to use
  • The quantity you require
  • Any deadlines or launch dates you can provide to help us prioritise our workload